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Alessi Cutlery Set

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Alessi Cutlery Set
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Alessi Cutlery Set

Morrison’s “Knifeforkspoon” series is certainly one of the strongest elements in the Autumn/Winter 2004 range. When considering this cutlery I find myself reiterating the extraordinary consistency of minimalist approach that characterises all Jasper’s work.

Here, the design is based on the attempt to reduce the “item of cutlery” to its ultimate essence, to its purest, most common form, defined but tentatively and deliberately stripped of all stylistic overlay. It is therefore, perhaps, a classic example of Morrison’s work.

Set contains:
• 6 x Table spoon
• 6 x Table fork
• 6 x Table knife
• 6 x Coffee spoon
• Polished finish

item number: 99500610

Alessi Cutlery Set

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